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  • You have an idea. You want to start a business. But you don’t know how to make it work.Taking big steps is terrifying. And the idea of starting something on your own, when you’ve never done it before, leaves too many people stuck in their daily routine.
  • They need guidance around running their startups; funding, hiring, marketing, legal advice etc. Solution: STARTKAR is a brand new company that provides industry grade consultation with experienced consultants for startups.

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Market Research

The Startkar is the most comprehensive online database of Indian Market Research Agencies and their contact information, India Market Research, Consumer Behavior and Marketing Research Companies Database. Startkar is the ideal source to conduct market research in India.

Financial Consulting

Startkar is a premier business financing consultant based in Singapore. We offers financial consultation consultations for industry or small business setup.

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Experience speaks for itself.but every new start requires  carefully designed planning and thought process 

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